VOIP-based Wholesale DID Phone Number Marketplace

DID Exchange is a VOIP-based wholesale DID Phone Number marketplace which can and is used by Mobile Operators LECs, CLECs, IXCs or other telecommunications service providers who offer or use any kind of Phone Numbers in there network.


Awards earned from the most respected names

It has earned industry awards from the most respected names such as Total Telecom, Digium, Kamailio, Computer World, Pulver Media, VON, APICTA, PASHA, and Arabia500.

Who DIDX is For?

DID for Sellers

Sell your DIDs to thousand of members who are carriers, telecoms and new VoIP companies.

DID for Buyers

DIDx.net empowers VoIP phone companies to offer phone service from different areas of the world to its end-users.

Training Videos

Find all of the general videos of DIDx like how to pay bills, how to offer did's how didx seller get paid how to delete did, minimum did requirement, search did

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